PS WxMap: Global (v1)

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Note: WxMap Lite & Pro are now outdated. See MG Maps for the newest line of weather map design templates for Photoshop.

A couple years after the release of PS WxMap for North America, and after countless requests from users elsewhere in the world to add map support for other regions over the years, PS WxMap: Global has finally introduced moderate resolution mapping for the entire globe, with country outlines of course.

So, if you don't live in North America, PS WxMap: Global is the way to go! It includes all of the features the North American versions include - including the layered mapping elements, with country outlines and NASA's Blue Marble topographic basemap separated each on their own layer(s), allowing you create amazing maps instead of just overlaying fills and such on unlayered maps pulled from the depths of the internet.

PS WxMap includes the following features:

  • Moderate resolution NASA blue marble satellite imagery and country outlines for a map base
  • Extensive package of weather map symbols and effects
  • Several upper third and title bar choices
  • Editable information bullets
  • Information text blocks
  • Information blocks
  • Lightning bolts
  • Package of layer styles
  • Curved arrows

PS WxMap is a continually updated product, with user's ideas greatly appreciated. I update PS WxMap versions a few times a year with new items and features, but I need your ideas to make these awesome changes happen!

You *MUST* have Photoshop CS2+ to use PS WxMap: Global, because the file type is NOT a .PSD - it's a .PSB, which is strictly for large format files. The .PSB itself is nearly 2 GB (because of the huge amount of map data) - compared to the ~750 MB North American version.

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PS WxMap: Global (v1)

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