WxMap 3.8 Lite (North American)

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Note: WxMap Lite & Pro are now outdated. See MG Maps for the newest line of weather map design templates for Photoshop.


WxMap Lite is the less system hogging variation of WxMap HD. The only difference between WxMap Lite and WxMap Full is that Lite (this version) has much lower resolution mapping, limiting the amount of system resources required to open and edit the main WxMap PSD.

This .PSD file contains blue marble NASA satellite imagery, country and state outlines, a package of weather map symbols, and many other elements to assist in creating weather maps.

PS WxMap includes the following features:

  • Moderate resolution NASA blue marble satellite imagery and country outlines for a map base
  • Extensive package of weather map symbols and effects
  • Several upper third and title bar choices
  • Editable information bullets
  • Information text blocks
  • Information blocks
  • Lightning bolts
  • Package of layer styles
  • Curved arrows

This package is great for those with at least some Photoshop experience, and need a way to create high quality, eye catching maps and weather graphics.

Check out the webpage for this product at: http://metgraphics.net/ps-wxmap/

***You MUST have Photoshop to open this file***

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WxMap 3.8 Lite (North American)

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