MG Maps v3 | High Resolution, Layered Photoshop Maps

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High quality maps in the meteorological world are a necessity that no longer have to be bare-bones unless you have access to expensive software suites built for broadcast studios. MG Maps is built for forecasters to convey their predictions in style, without any insane system requirements or wallet-draining costs, just Photoshop.

MG Maps v3 utilizes multiple sets of satellite data blended together to create an accurate, but not excessively flashy basemap for users to build their forecasts/maps on. Prior versions of MG Maps utilized basemapping that had a static maximum in regard to quality. Now, there isn't a set maximum in regard to basemap quality - and each available version features high resolution, crisp mapping.

The prior release of MG Maps (2017 & 2018 versions) came with 3 versions. With MG Maps v3, there are now 6 versions. The list below explains what makes each of these versions special.

MG Maps v3: North America (included)

The North America version is the more basic version of mapping available for the region. That doesn't mean the mapping isn't high quality, just that the file about 400 MB smaller than the XL version.

Includes interstate icons, and city & town labels in the U.S.

MG Maps v3: North America XL (included)

The North America XL map is more than 15% larger than the regular North America map.

Includes interstate icons, and city & town labels in the U.S.

MG Maps v3: CONUS-Focused Highres (included)

This version is confined to the lower-48 states of the U.S., yielding very high resolution mapping over the coverage area.

MG Maps v3: Global (included)

Global includes mapping of the whole earth, at a crisp, very high resolution.

MG Maps v3: Global - Basic (included)

Global Basic is roughly half the resolution the regular Global maps file is, and the smallest file currently available 741 MB. That said, the map quality remains crisp, just not zoomed in nearly as much as the regular Global map is.

MG Maps v3: Europe-Focused Highres (included)

The Europe-focused version is similar to the CONUS-focused version, yielding very high resolution mapping of European countries.

MG Maps v3 has been in active development since mid-2021, and as of now features maps that are release-ready. That said, updates to the current maps are likely. Additionally, new map versions may also be added in updates in the future. All MG Maps v3 map versions mentioned above are included in this package in order to work toward offering high quality mapping for every nook an cranny in the world.

Each map layer being their own dedicated, separated layer, allows you to achieve the professional look maps from traditionally high-budget outlets such as news stations and large corporations. This gives you a massive advantage over other methods that lack layered, high quality mapping built for easy use.

MG Maps continues to come with the MetSymbol Kit included. An update for 2022 includes a new pressure symbol set, as well as a new set of fronts.

If you're new to MG Maps, please note that MG Maps requires Photoshop in order to open the mapping files.

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MG Maps 3: CONUS-Focused Superes
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MG Maps 3: Global
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MG Maps 3: Europe-Focused Superes
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MG Maps 3: Global Basic
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MG Maps v3 | High Resolution, Layered Photoshop Maps

6 ratings
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