Multipurpose Backgrounds I

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Multipurpose Backgrounds I

Tyler Young | MetGraphics.net
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A overdone, underdone, or lackluster background can cripple what may be a great visual display, no matter the circumstance or use of the graphic itself. Weather & news-related graphics are high on that list, as displaying information in a easy on the eyes format in itself is quite the feat most of us spend most of our time on. After spending a lot of time ensuring the informational aspect of a graphic is perfect, the background can become an afterthought.

With these Multipurpose Backgrounds, you'll always have an ace in your back pocket when you need a subtle, but elegant background to drop under your foreground. These backgrounds can also be blended with other elements you have on hand as well if you want to give them a personal touch in a rush.

Each of these backgrounds are unique -- all of the 34 designs have different glow, flare, and light artifacts, blended & positioned with varying levels of randomness. Across the 34 individual backgrounds, there are 7 base color themes, each of which including between 4 - 6 variations with different abstract light elements over top.

All of these backgrounds are 2500x1500 pixels in resolution, and in easily-accessible .JPG format.


  • Color theme I (blue): 6 backgrounds
  • Color theme II (blue & reddish/purple): 5 backgrounds
  • Color theme III (light blue & orange): 5 backgrounds
  • Color theme IV (purple, blue, splash or orange): 5 backgrounds
  • Color theme V (light grey, splash of blue & orange): 4 backgrounds
  • Color theme VI (darker grey, blue, light red): 5 backgrounds
  • Color theme VII (warm orange & cool blue): 4 backgrounds

Also includes the source file, a Photoshop document.

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