Universal Weather Keys I

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A large set of keys that generally use widely accepted color schemes for a wide variety of different products, hazards, and weather types.

Currently (as of August 3rd, 2023), there are 35 keys available. Each key contains at least 4 PNG variations. The following keys are included:

  • 24 hour temperature change
  • Average return interval
  • CAPE
  • CIN
  • Cloud coverage
  • Dew points
  • Temperatures
  • Drought severity
  • Fire weather hazards (NWS/SPC)
  • Severe risk (SPC)
  • Flood hazards (NWS)
  • Hail probabilities (SPC)
  • Wind probabilities (SPC)
  • Tornado probabilities (SPC)
  • Lift
  • Lapse rates
  • Potential of precipitation
  • Quantitative precipitation forecast
  • Severe warnings color scheme I
  • Severe warnings color scheme II
  • Severe watches color scheme I
  • Severe watches color scheme II
  • Temperature probabilities
  • Thunderstorm probabilities (SPC)
  • Wind chills
  • Winter storm severity index
  • Winter weather hazards (NWS)
  • Wind gusts
  • Sustained wind
  • Snowfall
  • Ice accumulation
  • Frost/freeze products (NWS)
  • Tropical storm/hurricane products (NWS/NHC)
  • Excessive rainfall risk (NWS/WPC)

These keys are primarily designed for use on maps, however they could be incorporated into other graphics to display the according color scheme for hazards/values.

Note: this product is available currently as an early-access type of setup. Once I have more time I will create a dedicated product page on MetGraphics.net, but for now the content is available here for those who want it ASAP. New keys are likely to be added as requested if they are appropriate for this package.

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Universal Weather Keys I

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