WxRadials v1

Tyler Young | MetGraphics.net
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This package of radials includes 14 weather variables built on 950 x 960px sized canvases. I've included PNGs for each and every level for every variable, which totals to 279 PNGs! In addition, there's a build-it-yourself section loaded with PNGs, allowing you to enter your own text and whatnot to create anything you wish. PSDs are also included, and are fully editable and layered.

The following variables are currently included:

Wind, wind chill, snow, temperature, rain, sleet, wind, freezing rain, heat index, CAPE, dewpoint, hail size, the Enhanced Fujita scale, the Saffir Simpson scale, and a relative severe threat.

Have a suggested addition? After purchase, you'll be able to send an email to me via the receipt & download link, or use the contact options on the website.

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WxRadials v1

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